To ensure you receive genuine products and get the best customer experience, we strongly advise you to purchase Peak Height through our exclusive network of Authorized Partners, or direct from this website. We take our brand, our products, and intellectual property very seriously and have invested heavily in protecting it across the Internet, at retail, and with our partners. We monitor the Internet marketplaces closely and continue to identify and remove unauthorized resellers.

To be a Peak Height Authorized Partner, they agree to adhere to our policies to ensure you receive quality products and service designed for your geographic territory. All Peak Height from authorized resellers is made in the USA by our company and distributed to the authorized reseller. They are vetted by Peak Height and agree to sell to end users only, and not purchase from or sell to the “grey” market of exported goods.

If you are ever in doubt about a reseller, visit our contact page to verify a reseller’s status, or report an unauthorized reseller.



USA Partners:

Redmars America
1100 River St. STE #7 Ridgefield NJ 07657

South Korea Partners:


If you purchase a product in Korea from the authorized reseller, you will be receiving genuine Peak Height made here in the USA by our company. The following pictures are what your Supplement Facts Panel will look like as well as the new product you receive.  


peak height supplement facts