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Smoking: Not only is this unhealthy and causes cancer, but it stunts your growth by slowing blood flow to your bones.

Lack of Sleep: Your body secretes Growth Hormone during periods of deep sleep. By not getting enough sleep, you miss out on this boost of growth hormone.

Poor Nutrition: Not supplying your bones with the proper vitamins, minerals, & amino acids for growth significantly hurts your chances of reaching your height goals, this is why Peak Height is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT. 




  • D.A. Approved to diagnose pituitary gland problems because it increases Human Growth Hormone (HGH).
  • Essential to the diet of teenagers/children to regulate normal growth rates.
  • Your body cannot produce enough L-Arginine during your growth spurt, so you must get it through diet.
  • Scientific studies show L-Arginine promotes HGH release from the pituitary gland which in turn stimulates bone growth & anabolic metabolism throughout the body.


  • Most Potent amino acid ever studied for stimulating the production of growth hormone.
  • Increased growth hormone stimulates bone growth and lengthening.
  • Thought to help build the immune system, promote wound healing, and support a healthy liver.

Calcium as Carbonate

  • Calcium makes up 60% of your bones.
  • Calcium deficiencies in young people can account for a 5- to 10-percent lower peak bone mass which means shorter bones. Grow Taller Height Pills
  • During the Teen growth spurt 25% of final adult bone mass is produced.
  • Peak Height provides bones with clinically proven optimal amounts of the crucial calcium needed to maximize bone growth.

Vitamin D as Cholecalciferol

  • A 2009 study from the American Journal of Pediatrics showed 70%of United States adolescents had inadequate amounts of Vitamin D3.
  • Essential vitamin for allowing your body to absorb calcium.
  • Stimulates the proteins involved in transporting calcium from the intestine into blood.
  • A deficiency in vitamin D causes calcium to be poorly absorbed into your body, making it impossible for your bones to grow to their full potential.

Vitamin B12

  • Involved in the metabolism of every cell of the body, affecting the DNA synthesis and energy production. Grow Taller Height Pills
  • Essential for healthy growth and development, normal nervous system function, and proper metabolism.

Dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate

  • An antioxidant, functions as a free radical scavenger that helps stimulate NEW bone formation. height pills


  • A necessary building block in the creation of collagen.
  • Removes homocysteine from the body. Homocysteine interferes with collagen creation which weakens and prevents maximum bone growth.
  • A 2008 Study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed 25% of Americans are deficient in pyridoxine. Grow Taller Height Pills


  • Bone is made of collagen & calcium; Zinc is required to form collagen tissue, unite bone fractures, heal wounds and prevent osteoporosis.
  • Zinc deficiency prevents proper collagen formation.   growtaller pills
  • Each strand of collagen is made up of many amino acids.  Three strands of collagen are wound around one another, forming a larger, stronger strand. Three of these larger strands are then twisted around each other forming a super strand. It is into this collagen super strand that calcium is deposited to form your bones. 



Multiple scientific studies have shown that taller people live happier lives.



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A&N Performance Laboratory is dedicated to improving people’s lives through cutting edge research on nutritional supplements.

We are a United States based company with Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.

Our team includes the creator of Peak Height, a U.S. Medical Doctor. The remaining members of our team include myself, a practicing accountant as well as the sales & warehouse staff.

We truly appreciate your business.



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