My middle son of 3 has always been active in playing sports outside with his brothers. But recently has become the short one of the bunch. He began complaining about it and I promised I would look into it. I found these supplements that actually made a difference. After a few months of taking these he is now as tall if not a bit taller than his older brother. However now the trash talking and jokes about the other two not being able to dunk a basketball are in full force. I guess I'll be buying more for them. Thank you.

Faye D from Nebraska



I usually don't leave a lot of reviews but I have to tell my story. I'll admit I'm not much of a smooth guy with the ladies. It's always been due to me being "vertically challenged", not that I would ever tell my friends that. I'm a solid 5ft tall on a good day.... Anyway..... Trying nothing has gotten me nowhere so I decided to do something about it, and I think these are doing the trick. I've only been on for a short time and I think I'm a little bit taller. I'm more confident and it hasn't gone unnoticed.

Frank L from New Jersey



My son grew over 5" in a years time! The product does what it advertises and is worth the investment not only for peak height but the self esteem he has developed.

Tom A from Texas


My 2 boys (19yr old) started at 15 and was 5'7" 200ibs he is now 19 and stands 6'1" and 290ibs playing FBS College Football on a full ride!!
The (14yr old) started at 13 and was 5'7" and 160 and is now 5'11" and 180ibs playing 1st yr of high school baseball.
I know they grow on their own but I also feel that Peak Height has given them an extra edge!! And any positive no matter how small in life is always a plus!!

Frank L from Florida

 Peak height has done so much for me. In 3 months I grew 2 inches. Those 2 inches didn't just make me taller but made me more confident and feel great about my self. Now I'm not the shortest one in my friend group! :)

Kareem E from Massachusetts

Peak Height is a great supplement helping kids to grow, my 2 daughters has been taking for one year. I recommended to my friend's son, he grows 5" more even the time he started to take it when he was 18.

Tate C from Minnesota

Before the trying peak height my height was 5'4. i am now 5'5 after 2 months. I have finished 4 months supply and am almost 5'6. This product is amazing.

Kunal P from New Jersey

It Works! My daughter's pediatrician said that since she's already 13 and reached her max growth age, she's not gonna get taller than 4' 11".
Guess what......after she just finished one bottle of Peak Height, my daughter grew 3/4 of an inch! =) THANK YOU!

Christine D from California

I was already 18 when I started, but I grew 2 cm within 3 months. I'm in the middle of my fourth month. Hoping it continues to work!

Lena T from California

I have grown 3 inches in 3 months the product is simply amazing.

Kolton M from Florida

I am 20 and I have been using Peak Height for a little over 4 months now and so far I have grown about an inch and a half. I didn't think I would grow at all! I am still using it and I have a feeling I am going to grow more. It is a really good product and it works!!!

Lamonte B from Illinois

My son in seven months has grown nearly 3 inches. Genetics are against him in the height arena, but Peak Height is there to make sure that a child's maximum height is reached. Thank you for giving my son confidence.

Pat W from California

My 18 year old son was 5'4". I wanted to try anything to help him get a few more inches. After finishing 2 bottles, so far he's gained 1-2 inches. I'm hoping he can get a few more with the next batch of Peak Height.

Taylor P from California

It is incredible! I've grown 3 to 4 inches. It's been 6 months now. Now hopefully I can join my school basketball team. I love Peak Height.

John V from New Zeland

Bought peak height for our 16 year old son about 2 months ago. He has grown 1 inch and is extremely happy . He will still be taking peak height for further results . A+++++

Laurie D from Louisiana

Over the span of 4 months I've grown an inch, I do rather enjoy this product for I am seeing some progress in a safe way, I expect by the time I finish the remaining bottles I'll achieve 2 inches.

Kerwin M from Florida

My daughter really loves this product. She has grown 3 inches since she started taking Peak Height 3 months ago.

Fidelia M from Wyoming

My son Brandon was very upset last year because at school he was one of the shortest. After taking the peak height vitamins in a year he has grown over 4 inches. His over all well being and self esteem is amazing and I truly could not be happier myself. Thank you for all you have done for my son.

Cynthia G from Texas

I truly believed in this product from the beginning. Despite others having doubts, I proved them wrong when I grew an extra 2 inches in 4 months! I love this product and it's been a major help and confidence booster.

Emily V from Wisconsin

My son who is 14 has seen remarkable growth in the 4 month he has been taking Peak Height. His shoe size increased from a 7.5 to a 9.5, he has grown to be taller than his mum and now equal to my height. We are excited to see the full height he will reach at the end of his growth spurt. Thank you Peak Height.

Deson K from California

My daughter has been using this product for about three months now and she has grown about two inches. I am grateful I found this product since she always found herself short.

Ranjit G from Canada

I have grown about 2 inches since I've started using this and hopefully some more after completing 8 months of tablets.

Tula C from New Zeland

I love Peak Height because after using it in 5 months, I have grown 1 and 1/2 inches. I would recommend it to anyone!

Alliah T from Louisiana

My son plays basketball and was experiencing delayed puberty and 5 feet, after 3 months he's grown 3 inches as well as other noticeable changes, he's 14 years old. Thanks

G Romo from Texas


I have a 15 year old special need child and his pediatrician told me that he was not going to grow any more. That's when I decided to research about a natural supplement to help him grow. All the reviews in the internet were great and that's when I decided to order a year supply. We started Three months ago and he already great 1 inch. We are very pleased and happy, thank you very much. God blessed you.

Alejandra W from Texas


Peak height has changed my life. I have grown three inches.

Olivia G from Florida


Its been about a months now and i’ve grown a whole 1 inch! Wow it really works! :)

Michelle M from Hawaii


Love peak height!! My son has grown 2 inches in 4 months!! Looking forward to even better results!

Greg N from Ohio


I'm 20 and I've been taking peak height for about 3 months now and I have grown 2 inches. Amazed how it still works at my age.

Alex P from Illinois


My daughter loves that she has grown almost 1/2 inch since starting Peak Height only a few months ago. We keep track on the wall in the garage and she gets excited to see the results.

Mindi V from California


My daughter has been taken peak height since 10 years old and gained 6 inches. Now She is almost 13 years old. She is happy with this product and will continue to take during her teenager years.

Christine W from California


My son has grown about 1 inch 1/2 since he started taking them. We are having good results.

Rosa L from Arizona


I'm 21 years old and I have been taken these pills close to 5 months now and have gained about 1 inch.

Quinton M from Hawaii


I purchased Peak Height for my 14 year old son just 3 months ago and He has grown about an inch already. What comforts me most is knowing that he's getting vitamins and minerals in Peak Height that will help him maximize his genetic height.

Gusty S from Pennsylvania


My son has grown an inch since taking Peak Height. The other things it seems to have done is improve bone density and helped with the joint discomfort that comes with growth.

Alex C from Texas


I was unhappy with my height and i was about to consider height surgery but i stumbled across Peak Height. I've grown 2 inches!

Ameya B from Singapore


I've measured my height everyday after a month of taking the pills and I realized I've grown half an inch taller. I'm very excited to find out how much taller I'll grow if I keep taking them for the next upcoming years.

Rob V from Florida


My son was turning 13 so we set up a protocol. He took his peak height pills did the stretches and followed the recommended sleep for his age. We measured him at age 14 and in the one year he grew 4 inches and two shoe sizes. He loves these pills and has told a few friends about them too.

Michele G from Georgia


I absolutely love peak height I've been using it for 3 months and feel a boost of energy! I also grew half an inch! I will definitely be purchasing more soon!

Aksuana G from Texas


I've been taken it for two months and I've grown two inches and I'm now 180cm. I love it I'm still going to be taking it to see if ill grow some more.

Hamish O from New Zealand


Happy with this product and its results. I have grown over 1.5 inches in the last few months. I will keep using this product over the next few years to maximize my height.

Carlos D from Texas


Peak Height has been great. My 18 year old son and 15 year old son have been taking peak height for approximately 1 year. The 18 year old has grown 1 " and the 15 year old has grown 1 1/2 ". It is a great product and we have seen results.

Carla G from Georgia


I've only been taking it for about 4 months now. I have grown 2 to 3 inches, hopefully I see more results. So glad I heard about peak height and decided to try it out. Thanks.

Stephen M from Kentucky


I bought these for my son to take because he really had not started growing and all his friends were. Over a period of 3 months my son has grown 3 inches. He is so excited and is now starting to look like he belongs In junior high.

Trisha B from Texas



So far so good my son has been taking it for about two months and grown two inches.

Hernandez from Texas


I grew 2 cm in about 3 months, that's pretty cool!

Alexia A from Romania


I've been taking it for a few months now and I feel more healthier and grown just a tad, overall great product.

Sophanna M from Australia


Peak Height, is easy to digest and within the first few weeks you begin feel energized and awake. I've been taking Peak Height for about less than a year now, and have already grown an inch. Can't wait to see how far I go. Great product!!!

Sabrina B from California



Peak Height really improved not only my height but my self-confidence.

Kim P from Montana


I grew over 2 inches in just THREE MONTHS! It WORKS!!!

Ty E from Georgia


When I was 16 I took peak height for the first time. Over the course of one year +/- I grew 4 inches. God bless

Dylan A from Florida


I love this product! My son took it for 3 months and he already grew 2 inches. I would recommend this product .

Garza from Texas


I have been very pleased with the results my child has seen. My child has grown 2 inches since starting.

Les C from Georgia


My son has grown 2 inches in 4 months

Patrick Willis from California


Ordered 7 month supply for my 15yr old son his beginning height was 5'7" weight 145 and max bench 150lb he is on month 5 his height is now 5'111/2" weight 171 and max bench 260lb

Adrian S from Kentucky


I have bought for my son who is 17; he is in his second 90 day round and have grown 2.5 inches in 5 months. This works, as long as you stretch, exercise and eat properly.

Rey S from Florida


My two boys have been using Peak Hight for about 4 months.

We have seen growth in both boys. The 13 year old has grown three inches. The 16 year old has grown an inch and has filled out more then we thought he would.

McKnight from Manitoba Canada


This is a great product I ate a lot of sugar and lots of caffeine and nicotine when I was a teenager now I am 20 there is probably no doubt my growth is stunted I was 5ft when I started taking this now I am 5ft 9in. And I have only been taking this product for not that long I think it is great. My throat was really scratchy and irritated I think this product cleared that up to its great.

Alec L from Texas


My son is 13 and has been averaging only about 2 inches of growth a year. It has been 4 months since taking Peak Height and he has already grown 1 1/2 inches. Very pleased!!!

Valerie C from Ohio


Let's start off by saying, thank you! These pills have given my 13yo son the confidence that he needed. He has absolutely no problem taking his three pills everyday with his dinner. He plays baseball and basketball and is always on the go. We bought these pills in january 2015. He has grown about 1inch in these past few months which has helped boost his self esteem. This is a great product worth trying.

Ana O from New York



My son started using Peak Height at the age of 11 yrs. He usually grew around 1.5 - 2 inches a year. This past year age 12 to 13 he grew 4 inches his muscle tone is amazing and he is stronger and faster than ever. Peak height was recommended by some close friends that were concerned about their son's height. We all come from short people on both sides of the family and wanted to give our son every advantage to reach his maximum height. I am a true believer in your product and have recommended it to countless people.

Sandra G from Texas


Peak Height has worked great for me! I have grown an inch in the last 4 months!

Sophia L from Charlotte


This product work's great my son absolutely love's it and has made adequate a difference for him.

Aime P from Texas


My 15 year old son has only been using Peak Height for 4 months and has noticed a height gain of one half inch so far. He has also stated that he feels healthier and has more energy since beginning the Peak Height pills. We will continue to use the product and are looking forward to maximizing his growth potential!

Jim W from Chicago


I love the product! Great results!

Julian M from New Jersey


My son is just turned 13 yrs. old and he just finished a three month supply of peak height. This boy has grown 3 inches in a short period of time and has not started puberty as of yet. Thanks peak height, this stuff works.

Malcolm H from North Carolina


My wife and I are both 5′ 4″ in height. I wanted our son Andrew to grow taller than we were if possible. I have consistently monitored his monthly progress since his 11th birthday in January of 08′. After starting Peak Height he has doubled his average growth rate! Thanks for such a wonderful product.

Andrew from Florida


Peak Height has helped my son not only get about 2 1/4 inches taller, but has allowed his bones to get stronger which has kept him from getting 2 severe injuries. One to his ankle and the other to the outside part his foot both occurred during football. Everyone on the field heard a pop but xray was clear. The doctor ask him if he took vitamins and my son told him yes. The doctor said, “that’s what kept his foot from breaking”

Bonnie W from Oklahoma


I am 18 years old & I’ve been taking Peak Height for 4 months now and I grew about 2 inches and I feel a lot more confident. I hope I grow more. Thank you and may God bless you all!.

Ben C from Illinois


This product really works. it’s not a scam at all. I had doubts in the beginning about the product because I was new at it, but when I tried it, I always have to re-order. Ever since I’ve been on it, I’ve grown a few inches and I am over 21! It really all depends if your body is still meant to develop or not.

Bryon W from San Diego


I am 18 and used peak height for 7 months. During the span of that time I grew 2 inches. I was 5’1 now I’m 5’3.5. Almost 5’4! I found that the best results are yielded when you combine peak height with exercise, plenty of water and most importantly a stretching routine. I’m definitely looking forward to ordering more.

Jahir Lopez from California


I have just ordered peakheight. It’s on its way. Before i bought this product, i sent emails inquiring about the effectiveness and i got prompt response. I am so excited to start taking these. I hope it will really work for me.

Alex Z from South Carolina


My name is Brooke I ordered peak height to help me achieve my maximum height goals.I have not seen any results yet as I have only been taking the pills for a week,I just wanted to acknowledge the great customer service and fast shipping provided by peak height! I will be back with a review on the actual product but the customer service is 10/10 great job peak keep it up!

Brooke C from Australia


I would just like to let you know that I was a little hesitant a first to try anything to help me grow taller because I am 31 years old. I decided to take a big risk and purchased your product. I have been using your product for almost four months now and I have seen two inches in height already. I could already tell when I was standing next to people at work or family members I see all the time. To be exact it was 2 and 1/4 inches. I just want to thank you for the help of your product. I am still taking peakheight and look forward to the maximum results. Thank you peakheight.

Vincent H from California


My son has been taking them now for 5 months and I had him measured and he has grown 5 cm. I am really happy, he had gone from being the shortest to the same height or a tiny bit taller than 5 or 6 of his friends. I have just ordered another 6 months and are going to put my younger son it on too. They eat well but not enough fruit and vegetables. I think Peak Height is making up for this. Thank you so much it is such a relief.

Debbie From Australia


I have been using peak height for my son for past 9 months. He is 15 years old and doctors said he reached his max height which was 5 ft 1 inch. We decided to try peak height and he has already gained 4 inches in 9 months. We absolutely recommend this miracle product.

TK from New Jersey


Peak Height is awesome! I’ve grown 2 inches using Peak Height for 3 months!

Richard Z from Georgia


Hi I have been using it for 5 months now and i grow 1.6 inches tall and I’m 16. This is pretty cool.

Avi W from West Virginia


I been using peak height for about 3 months i have grown 1 inch . I truly can say I be ordering more.

Alberto H from Texas


When I was 17 my doctor told me that I was done growing. Im 18 right now and have grown an inch while taking peak height for 3 months. This product really works. Definitely recommend it to others.

John A from Texas


So far it has been really good I’ve grown about an inch and a half. This product has really helped a lot.

Arturo R from Georgia


Peak Height is truly changing my life. I have always had the dream to be a fashion model, but my parents are short so I was worried that I wouldn’t have the height to do it. I went from being an average height of 5’9 to 6’0 in 6 months! I would recommend this to anyone who wants their height dreams to come true. I will continue taking peak height until i reach my goal height of 6’2. Thanks Peak Height!

Israel F from Virginia


I have been using your product for 6 months now and it did the job for me, i have grown 2 inches and still growing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saif A from Montreal


I was 16 when i started taking peak height and i grew 1 inch with taking these, they work well, and they really help you get taller and I think helps with giving you good skin as well. The price is very expensive, yet the stuff works pretty nice.

A Dixon from Mississippi


Wow is a miracle. I’ve been taking a Peak height for 2 month and I see it work . I went from 4’9″ to 5’2″. Thanks Peak Height.

James T from Texas


Hello my name is Sophie and I am very grateful to write you guys a testimonial today :-) I used to be the tallest girl since I was in kindergarten. In high school I noticed I did not grow at all from 14 to 16 years old. I became very worried if I might have stopped growing (I was 164cm). I start to google everything about puberty and bones growing subjects on the internet and I can say, The desire of growing taller became my dream lol. Later I found peak height on the internet and saw lots of good reviews about it so I decided to give it a shot. No significant result for the first two months but I felt my bones were healthier and stronger. After an other two months of summer vacation I measured myself one day, and my surprise I went from 164 cm to 167 cm!!!! HOLLY COW I was sooo happy for the whole week and told everyone about it. 3 cm was really something and I only took peak height for 4 months! And the result came quicker than I hoped! I will continue to take this supplement until I reach my ideal height. You will be surprised with the good result too! Give Peak height a shot!

Sophie L from Montreal


I originally ordered Peak Height, if for no other reason, to boost my 13 year old sons self esteem. He found the product online and wanted it so badly he was offering his own money. Although Kaidon wasnt below average for his age, he was quite a bit shorter than most of the guys in his grade. He loves basketball and is quite good at it. But, unfortunately for him, was cut the last day of tryouts. He was told, “You’re good enough to make the team, you’re just too small.” It was that day that I decided to place an order. It meant giving him some hope, and that was my goal. If he grew, that would be great, but I have to admit, I was skeptical. He and I made an agreement that after each month we would measure, and not a day early. After the first month I was expecting him to be 5′ 2″ which is what he was 4 weeks earlier. When I saw 5′ 3 1/2″, I had to remeasure. I absolutely couldn’t believe it, neither could he….I actually teared up when I saw his reaction. The second month he measured 5′ 5 1/2″! So in 2 months he has grown 3 1/2 inches. He eats right and is extremely active. I truly believe the combination of diet and exercise, along with Peak Height has become a game changer for us, in more ways than one. We are thrilled with the results and for us it had made a real difference, mentally and physically.

Deanna H from Missouri


With aspiring results in mind i decided to try peak height, 3 pills a day with lunch not so hard right? Well that’s where my experience began…I have to admit there were ups and downs while taking peak height, at first i had my hopes up and expected the best, unfortunately by the first month i didn’t receive the results i wanted, to my dismay i gave it up and didn’t look back.

This is when EVERYTHING CHANGED, in the few weeks that came after that i had grown 2 inches!!! To my surprise peak height was working, it only was an after-effect program (as to say when you finish the program your body self regulates and grows as such) I take peak height a full month then give myself a week to recover and grow and i’ve seen fantastic results, so far i’ve grown about 3 and 1/2 inches and i still haven’t finished month 3!!! I await to see my results at the end of this last month, and for any others interested in this alternative, i implore you to give it a shot, you might not see it the first month, but keep at it and you might be surprised by the results you see

Kevin C from Florida


Peak Height has really shown amazing results for my 16 year old son. Not only did his Vitamin D level increase (as shown in blood test report), his height too increased by 1/2 inch in 3 months. I’m very happy with the product and intend continuing for (at least) another year. Kudos to the people behind such an amazing product!

A Chugh from New York


Your product is great. My son who is 15 has grown about 1 and 1/2 inches with this product. This is amazing since he hasn’t grown in a year. He is now 5″6 and with the help of your product he might be able to reach his dream height of 5″9 before he stops growing.

Sarita J from Florida


My son Chad has grown 4 inches in the last 11 months since starting on Peak Height. It’s a good product, THANKS

Gary R from Georgia


So far so good… my son will be 16 in 2 months and has grown 2 inches and is now just about 6′ feet! tall! I plan on him taking them for the next few years to get the maximum benefit!! Thanks so very much!

Kristi D from California


My son, age 16, has been using Peak Height for about 4 months. He was about 5’10″ when he started and is now close to 6′ tall. We are pleased with the results and are excited about the potential.

Robert B from Indiana


We had ordered Peakheight for our 12 year old son back in June of 2010. Since then he has grown 3-1/2″! We are totally amazed with the product. It is working so well we decided to start our 10 year old son on Peakheight now. Thanks for a great product!!

Beverly C from Wisconsin


I have a 17 year old son who is short for his age. He asked me if there are vitamins he could take to make him grow a little taller. So, I searched the internet and found Peak Height. I read the testimonies and thought to give it a try. Honestly, I was skeptical at first but decided to give it a try anyway. I told myself, “hey I will just return it if I don’t see results in a month or two”. Boy, oh boy, my son grew almost an inch in a couple of months. Peak Height really works!

Cher I from Washington


My son has grown about 1.5 inches during the time he has used the product. He recently started on his 4th bottle. Thanks,

Dean P from Kentucky


I’ve been using peak height for 4 months now and I’m 18 years old, and I have to say its working great. Everyday I use Peak Height it makes me have great energy levels. I haven’t grown too much but I have a feeling that something great is coming. This product is great.

Konstadinos K from Pennsylvania


It is a great product and it is really working! My child is almost at an acceptable height and she is really feeling good about her self! i know i want to re-order it again.

Bhadresh P from South Carolina


Its been about 6 months now and i’ve grown a whole 2 inches! wow it really works!

Jonathon C from California


I started using Peak Height when I was 16 in July 2011 I was 5’4 1/2. When I went to the doctors in October they said I was 5’5 1/2. I’ve grown 1 inch in 4 months. I’m really looking forward to keep using this product. I’m hoping to gain 3-4 inches!

Gabby A from Maryland


I am simply amazed by this… I literally have no other words to describe these tablets with, other than: INCREDIBLE. Any teen who wants to grow just a few more (1-3) inches taller, this is def. for you! I really thought this whole thing was a scam until I got it, and followed the instructions in the pamphlet that came with it; 3 a day + a lot of exercise, running, swimming, pull-ups, stretches, etc – and I used to be 5″6, now I am currently at 5″8!! I feel like this is a miracle from God! WoW…

A Khan from Maryland


Thanks a lot for having Peak Height on this earth. It has changed my life in a good way. I have grown 2 inches taller and I’m gonna continue taking Peak Height till I stop growing tall. Thanks again.

Shehan R from New York


“I have grown 8 1/2 inches in 2 years. Thanks for making a height supplement that really works!”

Jake L from Pennsylvania


My 15 year old son has grown a full 1 inch in just 2 1/2 months! This product is amazing. And we are eager to start ordering more.

Monica C from Canada


My daughter is a soccer goalie, and so getting taller will give her the competitive edge…she started taking the peak height last year (age 12) and has grown 2 ½ inches in 6 months. We think it is due to the product since her sister never had such a growth spurt. Plus the vitamin supplement is a plus!

Michelle A from California


Just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the results we’ve gotten. My son, now age 17, started on Peak Height Maximizer a little over a year ago at 5′ 9″. He’s now almost 6″ 1″ – as he would say “BEAST”!!!

Robert B from Indiana


I grew an inch after taking Peak Height for 3 months…Thank You.

Mariane D from Illinois


I am a 17 year old male and Peak Height has really done what it said it would do. It has not only given me height, but it gave me more confidence, happiness, and I feel great EVERYDAY! I have only been taking Peak Height for 3 months, I was 5’5″ when I started now I am 5’7″. This product is a miracle in a bottle. Thank you for this life changing product.

Kendall P from Illinois


Thank you for such a great product. I originally had bought Peak Height for my niece who just turned thirteen but after seeing how only after a month she had grown 1/2 an inch my other sister purchased your product for her teen daughter.

Yvette A from California


My nephew has grown 2″ in 9 months since I bought your product, which is amazing. He is 13 yrs. old, his little sister is taking it now.

Ronald M from Kentucky


I bought this for my 15 and 17 year old sons to try. My 15 year old has already gained 2 inches since September 2010 while the 17 year old has gained almost 3 since he has been on it about 6 months longer. There is nothing harmful in the ingredients so I am comfortable with them taking the supplements like they would any vitamin. In fact it used to be hard to get them to take regular vitamins but now because they are seeing the results, they both take 3 tablets each every night without me having to remind them. They both say they feel better and have lots more energy. Thank you for such a great product.

Diana C from New York


At 20 years old, I had many doubts about being able to grow taller. However, after reading all of the positive reviews I decided to give your product a try. I’ve been using Peak Height for 4 months now, and I’ve already grown over 1 full inch!! Peak Height is simply amazing, and I’m definitely looking forward to these next few months of using it!

Anthony M from Texas


At first I was skeptical about your product, but my son convinced me to get it for him. He has grown two inches in 5 months! Awesome product

Scott T from California


My son, Ben, is 12 years old. He has been taking it about 2 months and has grown about 1/2 inch…from 56 to 56.5 inches. We are keeping our fingers crossed that there is more to come in the next month. Thanks for such a wonderful product.

Ami W from Kentucky


I have tried several products on the market and none of them seemed to work. As a last attempt to gain a few inches I purchased Peak Height. I have been taking the pills for the past three months and I’ve grown an inch and a half!! This product has worked for me and I plan to use it as long as I can!

Tyler P from Philadelphia



Our son was one of the shortest kids in his class at the age of 13 when he started taking Peak Height. 3 months later, he had grown 2-1/2 inches and had caught up with a lot of his classmates! A couple of months into taking Peak Height, friends and family members began commenting on how tall he was getting! We plan on continuing for at least a couple of years.

Mary Kay C from Ohio



I am at the end of my puberty (age 22) and I started using Peak Height at the start of June and we are now three months later and I’ve already gained one inch. I was not too sure when I ordered the product but I can tell you that if you follow a good diet, good stretch and trainning program you will see some good results. Enjoy!

Kevin B from Quebec