Amino acids in Peak Height Supplement

Amino Acids in height supplements.

While all of the ingredients in Peak Height supplement are vitally important to height growth, there are differences in each ingredient. Most of the ingredients in Peak Height supplement are designed to aid your body in growth once the signal is sent from your body to grow, but how does your body send that signal?

The answer is in your brain.  Specifically your pituitary glad sends the signal for your body to release Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and your body then gets that signal and grows.  So how can a height supplement help your body with this?  

Amino acids present in your body help to signal your pituitary glad that its time to grow.  Peak Height supplement contains two important amino acids, L-arginine and L-Ornithine.  In studies of amino acids, groups who took an amino acid supplement showed increased HGH release from their pituitary gland.

Studies of height supplement ingredients confirm that amino acids increase the production of HGH.  In a height supplement ingredients study, which was studying amino acids found in Peak Height supplement, it found an 8-fold increase in HGH production when taking amino acids vs. the control group who took a placebo (pill made of inactive ingredients with no effects).  In this study, led by Sierra Research Group, LLC, researches specifically found that people who took the amino acids saw a 682% increase in mean HGH at 120 minutes post taking the amino acid supplement vs virtually no change in HGH from the group who did not take the amino acid supplement and took the placebo.

This incredible increase in HGH was the driving force behind why Peak Height supplement contains amino acids.   

Once the pituitary glad releases HGH, then all of the nutrients in Peak Height supplement can go to work and maximize your bone growth during that important growing time.  

Notably, Peak Height supplement does not contain HGH, but rather promotes the release of HGH by your body, which then can grow taller by using the nutrients contained in this height maximizing supplement.  

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