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Height plays a massive part in our lives. It boosts our confidence , helps us get accepted at work with height requirements, and, most importantly, helps us perform better at sports . However, increasing our height is not a walk in the park.

But one way to help increase your height is by doing height growth exercises! And if you're looking for the best exercises to train your kids and teens, seeing you in this article is no accident. It's time to stop those jumping jacks when "new year" hits to increase height and time to grab those running shoes instead. Ready to leap? Let's begin!

Why Height Growth Exercises Matters

Height growth exercises work wonders when done right. In addition to their growth-development effects, such physical activities keep the body active and build stamina, which is essential for developing children and teens alike. 

Here are more reasons why kids and teenagers should engage in such exercises.

height growth exercises

Sports advantage

Height growth exercises help them excel in sports. These exercises can build muscle and endurance, making them last long in the field. A taller height also means better visibility and reachability when catching those balls.

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height growth exercises

Confidence boost

Nurturing your future athlete to be a tall superstar can give them the confidence boost they need. That opens up opportunities for them in sports and future job hiring whenever height is vital.

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Getting Started

Before we dive into these height growth exercises, here are some essential tips to help your little one get started. Remember that this applies to you and them if you want to engage in such activities.

height growth exercises

Stay hydrated

Always bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated during these physical activities. A hydrated body helps you endure more when performing height growth exercises.

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height growth exercises

Warm it up

Before you do any height growth exercises, do warm-ups before hitting the field. Warm-ups help prevent muscle pain and exhaustion after doing such activities.

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A guide would help

Be your kid's trainer. But if you're also a beginner in such height growth exercises, bringing a companion to guide both of you is essential. It could be your friend, sibling, colleague, or, if you have the budget, a professional trainer.

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Proper clothing matters

It's also essential to wear proper clothing when doing height growth exercises. Various sports attire will help you move around better and prevent friction. You don't want to run around with your pajamas. 

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Effective Height Growth Exercises

Now that you've completed all the essentials, it's time to discuss height growth exercises. We curated this list from the easiest to the most challenging, so try to keep up. I bet you can!

height growth exercises


First things first, let's have a little jog. This most basic exercise can help build leg muscles to increase height growth. Make sure to wear proper running shoes when you're jogging to avoid getting foot splinters, too.

Pro tip:  Start by jogging around your house for a few laps and gradually increase the challenge by jogging around your neighborhood.

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height growth exercises

Jump squats

Jump squats help strengthen your joints and muscles, which is essential for developing your growth plates. They are also an easy height growth exercise. Squat until your knees are at chest level, then jump as soon as you start standing up.

Pro tip:  Jump as high as possible by exerting extra force from your legs. It helps maintain posture as soon as you reach a squat position.

girl doing jumping squats

height growth exercises

Cobra stretch

Also known as Bhujangasana, the cobra stretch is a typical yoga pose that falls into the height growth exercise category. It's a great stretching exercise that helps the cartilage between your vertebrae grow and develop. All you need to do is lay flat on the floor with your legs stretched. Now, deeply inhale as you lift your upper body and maintain this posture for about 30 seconds before gradually exhaling. 

Pro tip: Repeat this process 4 to 5 times daily after every workout.

girl in a cobra stretch position

height growth exercises

Single leg hop

Now, let's take it up a notch with the single-leg hop. This height-growth exercise is not only challenging but also fun. It helps strengthen your abdomen muscles and fully develops lower body support. First, hop on your left leg ten times while your hand is raised. Do the same on your right leg and vice versa.

Pro tip:  Up the ante by hopping about 15-20 times on each leg. Make sure to maintain your balance to avoid injuries while doing so.

girl doing single leg hopping

height growth exercises


Of course, we have to save the best for our height growth exercise list. Enter swimming, an exercise that uses your entire body. Swimming helps with muscle and bone development, enabling your growth plates to develop fully. We highly recommend breaststroke, as it is the most suitable swimming style for height increase.

Pro tip: Make sure to breathe correctly each time you surface while doing a breaststroke. This helps avoid shortness of breath, which may lead to drowning.

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The height growth exercises listed above suit everyone, even kids and teenagers. Just keep an eye on them while they do these activities in case accidents occur.

Pair Height Growth Exercises with Nutrition From Peak Height

Aside from height growth exercises, nutrition also comes into play in growth and development. If you're planning on making your teens follow a diet regimen along with these exercises, we highly recommend that you pair this with height growth supplements.

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Sounds convincing, isn't it? Snag a bottle or two for your future athlete by heading to our main page. You can even read legitimate results there, too, if you need some extra proof! Talk about transparency. 

Height Growth Exercises are Just the Beginning

Developing one's height doesn't just stop with height growth exercises. Know that nutrition always comes into play to nurture it even more. Don't be afraid to encourage a change in lifestyle for the betterment of your kids and teens. Trust us, you will definitely thank us later when you see the results.

If you find this blog useful, we would appreciate it if you shared it with your friends and family. The journey to greater "heights" begins with us, and we will be glad to be your guide along the way. Until next time!

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