Calcium in your height supplement.

Calcium is important in your height supplement.

Not all height supplements are created equal.  When selecting a height supplement it is important to consider the ingredients in your height pills.

One of the most important ingredients for any good height supplement is CALCIUM.

Calcium is the building block of your bones. When your body is growing, it needs the nutrients it is craving. The most important one being calcium. Your bones absorb calcium rapidly when growing. Your bones are the main storage center for calcium in your body and simply cannot grow without proper calcium.  To add to the complexity, your body is unable to produce its own calcium.  It must be absorbed through foods, drinks or supplements.  If you do not absorb enough calcium through diet your bones will weaken.  If you do get the proper amount of calcium, your bones will be more dense and stronger.

Peak Height contains 92% of the recommended daily amount of calcium.  This important ingredient is absorbed when your body is growing.  You do not absorb all of the calcium you take in through diet and supplements.  In order to properly absorb calcium your body needs Vitamin D as well.  Make sure your height supplement contains adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D.  

During your growing years, calcium is more important than ever.  Your body will be able to reach its maximum potential height when given the proper amounts of calcium.  This is why your height supplement 100% needs to have calcium as its main ingredient, which of course Peak Height has plenty.  

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