Height Supplements with Vitamin D

Does my height supplement need Vitamin D?

We have covered in our posts why your height supplement needs Calcium. It is the building block of your bones and a necessary ingredient in any height supplement worth your time. Without calcium in your height supplement you might as well not even take it.

What about Vitamin D in my height supplement? This is the second most important ingredient and the reason you need it in your grow taller pills is really simple.  In order for your body to absorb and process calcium, you need to have adequate levels of Vitamin D.  

The combination of Calcium and Vitamin D are imperative to making sure your body is getting everything it needs in a height supplement.  When taking your grow taller pills, your body is able to absorb more calcium with the addition of Vitamin D.

Peak Height height supplement contains the perfect amount of calcium and Vitamin D so that your bones and body can absorb both.  These two ingredients in the height supplement make sure your bones grow bigger, stronger and healthier during your growing years.  

What does vitamin D do for our bones?

Vitamin D promotes bone health in these ways:

  • Helps absorb the calcium we get from food.
  • Along with calcium, helps protects older adults from osteoporosis and promotes proper bone growth in younger people.
  • Promotes healthy functioning of our muscles and immune system. We need strong muscles to help us balance and reduce the risk of falling and breaking bones.

Make sure that your height supplement contains both calcium and Vitamin D in levels that are both safe and effective, just like in Peak Height grow taller pills.

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