The Sunshine Vitamin: Vitamin D and Height Growth

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You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.  Oh, hey! I haven't noticed you there. It's just about time for me to see you here today. I want to discuss something special regarding height growth: our best friend,  Vitamin D , and how it affects height growth.

But you might wonder, "Vitamin from the sun for height growth? That's so random." Well, you won't believe what we are about to tackle today. So, why don't you sit down and grab your notes? Because we are about to take you for a ride towards the "peak" of your height growth. Buckle up, and continue to read on!

Get To Know Vitamin D ☀️

Let's have a little chit-chat about vitamin D before we dive into detail. When considering height growth, we always associate it with macronutrients like calcium, protein, iron, and B vitamins. So vitamin D might be new for some, even if it's not new for you. 

Vitamin D comes from many sources. In addition to sunlight, we can also get it from foods such as fatty fish and fish liver oils. Smaller quantities of vitamin D are also found in egg yolks, beef liver, and cheese, to name a few.

According to a study, vitamin D is an essential nutrient that helps with calcium absorption and bone homeostasis. That makes vitamin D a vital part of the process that other nutrients need to work seamlessly with our body. The study consisted of children with varying heights, including those with short stature. One result shows that lack of sunshine exposure may severely decline vitamin D, especially during winter. Aside from sunlight exposure, it's also important to consume proper nutrition to get our much-needed dose of vitamin D.

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That applies not only to teens or young adults but also to children. So, if you are a parent reading this, make sure that you give your little one foods that are rich in vitamin D and other nutrients to nurture their height  as they grow older.

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Up Your Nutrition With Vitamin D-rich Foods

You've probably read about our blog about foods rich in protein. If you still need to, you can jump right into it here. Now, let's talk about foods rich in vitamin D this time. Here are our best recommendations.

Foods That Contain Vitamin D “Naturally”

Whole Eggs

We know that eggs are high in protein, especially the egg whites. On the other hand, the yolks are high in vitamin D. This is not only vitamin D alone, but also other nutrients, such as minerals and fats, to name a few. A yolk from a single large egg alone contains about 37 IU. Who would've thought this single breakfast staple could help with height growth, right?

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Fatty Fish

Fatty fish such as salmon are a good source of vitamin D. Even a 100-gram serving of salmon contains about 536 UI of vitamin D, which is A LOT compared to egg yolks. Keep in mind that farmed salmon contains less vitamin D than wild salmon. Other fatty fish that are also good sources of vitamin D include halibut and mackerel. 

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If you love preparing meals at home, you should always pay attention to mushrooms' vitamin D powers. Only mushrooms are the best source of vitamin D, which doesn't come from animals. 

PRO TIP: Look for wild mushrooms since they are more exposed to the sun. Thus, commercialized mushrooms have lower vitamin D levels than wild mushrooms.

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Foods That Are “Fortified” with Vitamin D

Orange Juice

Although orange juice is an excellent source of vitamin C, some companies also fortify their products with vitamin D. So when there's no milk around, orange juice is a fantastic alternative for breakfast meals. A reminder, though, that orange juice needs to be consumed in moderation to avoid acid reflux.

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Cereal is another food that manufacturers have fortified with vitamin D. Of course, who doesn't love cereal? Kids love it, teens love it, and YOU love it—and we're pretty sure of it. There are lots of cereals available in the market today. However, not all cereals are fortified with vitamin D by companies. So, always check the label first before adding one to your cart.

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Aside from cereal, most companies today fortify oatmeal with vitamin D, too. What's best about oatmeal is that it can also help with heart health by reducing cholesterol. Like cereal, always check the label to see if a particular brand of oatmeal contains vitamin D. 

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Need More Vitamin D? Ever Heard of Peak Height?

You know what else is a good source of Vitamin D? Our very own Peak Height! We are the only height growth supplement brand in the market that a doctor develops. It assures you that you get only the best from every capsule.

In addition to vitamin D, our Peak Height supplement contains micronutrients such as vitamin E, B12, Zinc, and Calcium. What's more? Our Peak Height supplement is BSGC-certified, so rest assured that our product does not contain harmful drugs and chemicals.

You get an all-natural supplement to help your kids and teens grow to their "peak." Go ahead and click on our homepage, and feel free to look around. In addition to our product, you will see customer reviews, a height quiz, our other blogs, and more!

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It’s Never Too Late To Start Living Healthy

Vitamin D, Protein, or whatever nutrient comes to mind all contribute to improving your eating habits. We know a lot of people will worry about their height. But what's important is that you start eating healthy today.

Time waits for no one, and neither do your height goals. This blog, as well as our previous ones, will be a big help in your height growth journey. So remember to spread the word to your friends and family by clicking the share button below. As always, stay tuned, stay healthy, and see you around next time!

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