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Taking good care of our health is one of the easiest things we can do to ensure height growth. However, growing those extra inches won't be complete without its challenges. One of these challenges is growth stunts, which are more prominent in children.

So, what are  growth stunts , and how can they affect your child? Today, we are giving you a quick insight into this common phenomenon and ways to prevent it. Now grab your supermom or superdad capes because it's time to be a superhero for your little one. Let's begin!

Growth Stunts Explained

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Different challenges can arise for toddlers and children alike in a world where countries are divided and have different economic statuses. And this is where growth stunts come into play. 

Also called chronic malnutrition , growth stunting is a common condition that impairs children's height and growth capabilities. That prevents their bodies from developing and can negatively impact their height and overall health, making them susceptible to diseases.

Growth stunts are typical in countries with limited access to proper water and food sources. According to data from UNICEFWest and Central AfricaEast and Southern Africa, and South Asia are the top three countries that have experienced growth stunts in children over the past decade.

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Although the data shows a decline in numbers, being wary about this condition is still important. We may never know if your country will hit a sudden shift in economic changes. Globally,  22.3%  of children are still experiencing growth stunts. But before we proceed how we can help prevent this phenomenon, let's look at the causes behind it.

Common Causes of Growth Stunts

There are various reasons why growth stunts occur. This includes:

Starvation   and malnutrition

Lack of access to proper food sources is the number one factor leading to stunts in growth among children. These food sources are necessary for families, especially those from the countries we mentioned above, to prepare meals that provide nutrition to their little ones. If not prevented, this will lead to malnutrition and, worse, starvation. That is why the government should act fast before growth stunts become more prominent in recent years.

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Poor sanitation

Be careful where you get your food and water. Poor sanitation can lead to the possible transportation of diarrhoeal diseases, including typhoid, cholera, and intestinal worms, leading to growth stunts. When these diseases reach your children, they alter their eating patterns, preventing them from getting the nutrition they need.

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Developing diseases

This final factor combines the two mentioned above. When children do not receive proper nutrition and sanitation, they can develop various chronic diseases as they grow older. These diseases can cause growth stunts, hindering the production of natural height growth hormones and making it difficult for them to mature and develop further. While medical professionals can treat these diseases, the impact on their height during the growth stunts period remains irreversible.

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How To Prevent Growth Stunts

It's "better to be prepared than sorry," they say. And it starts with you. Here are the best tips on how you can help prevent growth stunts from affecting your children.

Breastfeed their way to growth

If you're a mother reading this, then you already know the importance of breastfeeding for your infants. Breast milk contains all the essential vitamins needed to grow and develop, including a unique blend of minerals and antioxidants. This specially formulated milk is easy to digest for infants and helps nourish their bodies to keep growth stunts at bay.

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Give proper nutrition and sleep to your children

Once your little ones start to grow, give them more height growth essentials through a healthy diet to prevent growth stunts. Up their protein intake , let them take supplements, and encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle. When children eat healthy, they are able to follow this routine as they grow older.

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Sleep is Key

The best way to prevent growth stunts is to ensure your children have proper sleep to make those growth palates work. Sleeping helps the body release natural growth hormones, so encourage your little ones to follow their bedtime schedules every day. Proper sleep also prevents them from feeling stressed the day after!

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By following these prevention tips above, growth stunts will be a thing of the past. After all, it's your role as a parent to nourish your little ones while they're still young.

Growth Stunts are OUT... Peak Height is IN

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What you get is a height growth vitamin containing only natural ingredients and is safe for children and young teens alike. Growth stunts are definitely no match for us, so go ahead and grab yours today.

Take Action Before It’s Too Late

Don't let your "next times" become regrets because it's never too late to prevent growth stunts. So please take action now and be the superparent to your little ones by giving them proper nutrition as soon as possible. Trust me, your conscience will thank you later!

If you find this blog helpful, share it with your friends and family by clicking the share button below. Don't forget to check out our blog section regularly for more height growth updates, too. That's all for today. See you around next time!

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